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Live-In Membership

The Leesburg Volunteer Fire Company is currently accepting applications for Live-In members! The Live-Ins currently operate out of Fire Station 1 located at 215 Loudoun Street SW Leesburg, Virginia. The Live-In program is a great opportunity to gain experience rapidly, as well as to strengthen skills as a firefighter. Some of the benefits provided to our Live-In members include ;

  • Semi-Private rooms

  • Full Laundry Facilities

  • Full Kitchen access

  • Satellite Television

  • Wifi Access

  • Free Nationally Recognized training


  • Currently certified as VDFP/ProBoard Firefighter I/II

  • Currently Certified as VDFP/ProBoard Hazmat Operations Level

  • Virginia EMR or Higher preferred

  • Currently actively employed or enrolled as full time student

  • Available 36 hours a week at minimum. (including 12 hour duty crew weekly rotation at Fire Station 20)

For more information, contact

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